The majority of these settings should get left as default. However, if you feel confident, feel free to adjust and change the parameters.
When you adjust “padding” the space around content and borders will change.
1 px padding — green line
5 px padding — green line
10 px padding — green line
20 px padding — green line
When unspecified, padding is applied equally around elements. The padding property has four values.
  • top padding
  • right padding
  • bottom padding
  • left padding
"padding": "0.3rem", // a single value means space is equal

Other values:

// Use these variables for creating padding around elements
// You can use all of them or the desired side
"padding-top": "5px", // Create padding above elements
"padding-bottom": "5px", // Create padding below elements
"padding-right": "5px", // Create padding to the right of elements
"padding-left": "5px", // Create padding to the left of elements
"padding": "0.5em", // a single value means space is equal
"padding": "10% 0",
"padding": "10px 5px 10px", // top , sides , bottom
"padding": "10px 5px 10px 5px", // top , right , bottom , left (Clockwise)
Values can be used individually.
"padding": "0", // no padding around the element