Tips for Customization

NFT Embeds full potential gets realized when custom styling is toggled "on." Custom CSS will ensure you match your website's branding and aesthetic.

To enable CSS select the last toggle that says 'Custom Style' on the left-hand side of the NFT Embed.

Color Tips

Make sure to consider contrasting colors. High contrast is best for web pages.

Here is a contrast tool: Contrast Checker

The tool above will quickly allow you to identify highly effective contrasting colors.

What colors work?

  • Any standard color of the rainbow will reflect

  • red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange,

  • You may also use additional colors by appending the color with either light or dark

  • dark red light red etc.

  • darkred or lightyellow

Layout Tips

You can enable "Responsive Width" to remove the guesswork from screen widths. Some people may view the NFT Embed through different sizes of devices; commonly, the width is the most affected view.

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