🔢How to use NFT Embed

First, navigate to the official URL here!

To embed a single NFT, enter the NFT contract address and then the tokenID of the specific NFT you have in mind.

Alternatively, to embed an entire collection, simply click the collection toggle on the NFT Embed page, enter the collection address you want to feature, and you're good to go!

  • NFTs with multiple editions have tokenIDs — It's unique to an NFT (ERC-721)

  • Other than owned addresses, we deploy and interact with smart contracts on blockchains, known as contract addresses.

Optionally, you can add a 'Finders fee address' and a percentage. This address will earn a portion of the sale. However, it won't circumnavigate the creator! All parties will get what they're entitled to.

You don't need to worry about NFT Embed being used to avoid paying creators their fair share. 💜

There are a few toggles:

  • Marketplace

    • Enabling the marketplace toggle allows you to turn the embed from a display to a potential sale! With the help of the Universe protocol, you can embed NFTs that anyone can purchase.

  • Vertical Card Layout

    • Enabling the vertical card layout allows you to make a more compacted embed that you navigate via scroll. The alternative is the default style, a horizontal card layout, which makes NFTs display laterally!

  • Custom Style

    • Enabling the custom style allows you to alter the CSS to compliment your website and/or branding with the embed; for those who want a fluid, eye-popping design.

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