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Below are the most frequently asked questions. πŸ™‚

Do all NFTs automatically work with the embed?

Most NFTs should work with NFT embed, granted they follow ERC standards/EVM compatible, and our infrastructure supports it.

However, it may take a little while for recently minted NFTs to appear in some rare cases. And this is because it likely needs to propagate around distributed file systems and may take time to appear.

Do I need to be a coder to use NFT embed?

Not really! You do have to be motivated and willing to push a few buttons.

The most important button is β€˜Copy,’ and it’s as simple as one-left-click.

Clicking the Copy button pastes the embed code to your clipboard. 🧰

NFT Embed was designed to be as straightforward as possible so that anyone, even non-coders, can take advantage of the power of NFTs.

Does NFT Embed cost money?

Nope. NFT Embed is entirely free to use!

Sales conducted through an embedded NFT get powered by the Universe XYZ protocolβ€” namely, the marketplace contracts.

The UniverseDAO earns a small (0.3%) fee. And although the tool is free, NFTs and network fees typically are not.

Does the embed use CSS or HTML?

The NFT Embed can get plugged into any website, dev platform or framework that supports iFrame.

Notable support includes;

Our NFT embed allows you to instantly alter the CSSβ€” creating a custom style. And all dominant web browsers support HTML and CSS rendering. As a result, you'll find that a diverse and complex array of styling options exist for you to use. (Learn more)

URL auto embeds and a React SDK framework is in our sights, allowing faster manipulation and more options for embedding NFTs.

How do finders fee work?

Offers or listings accepted through your embedded NFT can payout a finders fee that can be defined using the configuration. This enables joint marketing efforts through publications and websites to promote a sale!

To learn more about finders fees, click here!

How do I display NFTs with the embed widget?

It's as straightforward as entering the contract address and tokenID; if you want to display individual NFTs.

Toggle the settings you'd like to see reflected in the embed. For example, either converting from a simple display to a mini-marketplace. You can customize the embed's styling to vibe alongside your website's aesthetic. 🧘

You can always check a quick preview of the NFT. The embed will get presented in a 'full view' fashion. First, click on the link between the quotes on the embed widget.

For more information about URLs and NFT Embed, click here.

How do I customize the embed?

The embed widget supports CSS and therefore is highly customizable. It may seem daunting. However, we've made the embed concise and easy to navigate.

Here are some resources to inspire and help you learn about CSS and HTML. In addition, they should assist you in understanding how to customize the embed for yourself.

You can also click here to learn some quick tips and ideas for customizing the NFT embed to your specifications!

How do I set royalties for collections?

NFT sales using NFTEmbed reference the 'Royalty Registry' contracts. Even if a contract already has royalties set, you should use our tool to ensure royalties get enforced with the Universe XYZ contracts.

We developed a tool to set royalties for collections that you own quicklyβ€” when royalties are not getting reflected through NFTEmbed.

Click here to use our tool to specify a collection's royalties.

You'll be required to connect a digital wallet, own a collection, have an address you want the royalties to go to and then pay a small transaction fee to set the percentage.

For a complete walkthrough, click here.

How do I use NFT Embed to sell NFTs?

Make sure to toggle "Marketplace" to allow the Universe protocol to facilitate the exchange of NFTs.

Universe XYZ takes a minor (0.3%) finder's fee for streamlining transactions. ✨

How reliable is the widget?

Currently, all of the NFT's metadata uses OpenSea's API. This widget will properly load as long as OpenSea's data is online. We are actively working towards transitioning to our own in-house data service.

What is the difference between a display and marketplace functionality?

With NFT Embed, you can activate marketplace capabilities for the NFTs you choose to display.

Select the 'Marketplace' toggle to enable additional functions such as; offers and direct purchases.

If you don't select the marketplace setting, your NFTs will get displayed like a gallery. Turn an ordinary picture into an option to buy!

To learn more about the marketplace setting, click here!

What is wETH?

wETH is a type of cryptocurrency developed for the Ethereum blockchain.

"Wrapped ETH" means that each wETH token gets backed by one ETH token.

wETH conforms to the ERC-20 standard while ETH does not; this is because ether was developed and released before the advent of the standards that tokens need to conform toβ€” therefore, the value of each wETH coin will never go below the value of one ETH coin.

ETH is traded or 'wrapped' directly for wETH, and to receive plain ETH; you'll need to trade it back or 'unwrap' the wrapped ETH. ()

Technically, you are not 'wrapping' anything; instead, you are trading ETH for wETH at a 1:1 ratio. This parity gets enforced by a smart contract and is therefore immutable. Click here to learn more about wETH.

What types of NFTs get displayed?

Currently, we support ERC-721, aka unique NFTs or 1/1's. (Ethereum Mainnet)

In the future, we'll offer additional standards and networks as we scale our services.

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