Integrate an NFT collection widget with marketplace functionality & wallet connection out of the box. As an artist, news publication, independent blogger, anybody can start supporting Web3 with ease.
With NFTEmbed, as long as you have the contract address of an NFT, you can display an entire collection on any website with marketplace functionality!
You no longer need to show a link to Opensea or another marketplace like SuperRare; you can quickly display NFTs from SuperRare, Opensea, Rarible or any marketplace that supports NFTs— directly from your website. 🤝
The critical difference between Single NFT and Collection is simple— an ability to turn any page into a complete marketplace without code!
For example, instead of single NFTs for direct sales, you can allow users to search for an NFT of their preference.
When you enable 'User Profile' NFTEmbed will include a 'My NFTs' tab, which allows users to view the NFTs they already own— from that collection.

URL Schema

Code: Embed widget
<iframe src="" width="885" height="2400"></iframe>
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